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      Tattoo Machine Pendant - Large

      After a few months of work, my 'BikerBling Tattoo Machine' is ready!! I have tried to make a very realistic pendant, with size and weight to justify the amount of work that went into it's development. The Pendant is Sterling Silver and Hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office. It measures 10.5cm / 4.25" in length and weighs a heavy 41 grams. This piece of jewellery is a real statement to your love of the art of tattoo! If I am 'sold out' there will be another two or three added as soon as I can make them, but you could email me to reserve your pendant, you will not be disappointed.

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      'Oni' Japanese Demon Pendant.

      'Oni' The first of my 'Japanese Tattoo Range'. The traditional Japanese folklore Demon, or Devil is still as important in Japanese art and tradition as it was 500 years. It is a common subject in the art of tattoo. It measures 47mm from the chin to the top of the loop, with the bale it measures 63mm and weighs 51g.

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      Tattoo Machine Pendant - Sterling Silver.

      My 'Sterling Silver Tattoo Machine Pendant' is Birmingham Hallmarked, and measures 62mm and weighs approximately 9 grams with my small 'BB' - 'BikerBling' Bale. The Pendant and Large Bale measues 67mm in length, and weighs approximately 10.5g. The bale comes in two sizes, the large bale will easily accept an 11mm curb chain, the smaller bale of the same design will accept an 8mm curb chain. This Pendant is also available in 9ct Gold. The 'BB' Bale fitted to the pendant in this photograph is the small bale, the larger bale is shown to the side.