’22’ Ring – Sterling Silver. VNVLV/MC Style.

'22' Ring - Sterling Silver. VNVLV/MC Style.

The '22' Ring signifies the letter 'V'. This is often associated with 'Veterans' Clubs. This is a very heavy, large ring. The inside of the diamond shape has been 'Oxidised' to blacken the background, this is the same effect that tarnishing gives silver over time, this makes the '22' very prominent. The diamond shape alone measures 21mm x 17mm, and in a size of Y (US Size 12), weighs 40 grams, which is as I'm sure you realise a very substantial ring! Absolutely knockout! DUE TO THIS RING BEING VNVLV/MC ONLY, I MAY HAVE TO MAKE IT TO ORDER - PLEASE CONTACT ME!

£134.99 — £139.99

’22’ Ring – Sterling Silver.