1% er Ring Large – Sterling Silver.

1% er Ring Large - Sterling Silver.

This ring is Sterling Silver, carrying the Birmingham Hallmark.. This is a very heavy, large, solid ring. My rings are not hollowed out behind the diamond or in the shank. The diamond shape measures 21mm x 17.5mm, and in a size of Z, the ring weighs a huge 42 grams, almost one and a half ounces, which is as I'm sure you realise a very substantial ring! Absolutely knockout! this is a life style ring and should only be worn by committed 1% er Bikers. I also make 1% Pendants and Pin Badges, everything for the 1%er! I can add diamonds or other stones to these rings as seen in a couple of photos, please contact me for details. Also available in 9 or 18ct Gold.

£139.99 — £149.99

1% er Ring – Large