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'FTW' Ring - Sterling Silver.

'FTW' Ring. In a size 'Y' (US Size 12) it weighs 27 grams and fits between the adjacent fingers perfectly due to the contours of the shank. The ring face measures 26mm x 10mm. This ring is Hallmarked for Sterling Silver at the Birmingham Assay Office. I can make this style of ring with any accronym, three to four letters looks great, i.e. AFFA, BFFB, CFFC or DFFD for example. I can make this in your Club font, there will be a small set up charge, of £150.00 and then each ring will be priced from £99.99 made to order. That Font and lettering will only be sold to your 'Club' from then on, and will be kept securely for any further orders from a known member of your Club. There are examples of similar rings in my 'Commissions' folder.

£99.99 — £104.99

‘FTW’ Ring – Sterling Silver.