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Please browse my ever growing range of  hand crafted jewellery.  Some products have several images.  I am continually adding new pieces to my range, so please feel free to add me to your favourites and check back, or even easier, add me on Facebook, ‘BikerBling UK’ and you will receive notification of all my new products as I publish them.

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      'FTW' Ring - Sterling Silver.

      'FTW' Ring. In a size 'Y' (US Size 12) it weighs 27 grams and fits between the adjacent fingers perfectly due to the contours of the shank. The ring face measures 26mm x 10mm. This ring is Hallmarked for Sterling Silver at the Birmingham Assay Office. I can make this style of ring with any accronym, three to four letters looks great, i.e. AFFA, BFFB, CFFC or DFFD for example. I can make this in your Club font, there will be a small set up charge, of £150.00 and then each ring will be priced from £99.99 made to order. That Font and lettering will only be sold to your 'Club' from then on, and will be kept securely for any further orders from a known member of your Club. There are examples of similar rings in my 'Commissions' folder.

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      Flanders Field Pin Sterling Silver or 9ct Gold.

      2014 is the Centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. I have designed a 'Flanders Fields Pin', which may be worn all year round, to remember not only those who made the ultimate sacrifice, but also those affected by War. This pin badge is not in any way intended to replace the 'Red Paper Poppy' worn at Remembrance each year. The Birmingham Hallmarked Pin is made in either 9ct Gold, or Sterling Silver with either a screw fastening designed for cuts, or with a sharpened gold pin with a pin fastener and allen key included, for suits and jackets. A donation will be made to 'British Limbless Ex-Serviceman's Association' (BLESMA) of £10 per 9ct pin, and £5 per Silver pin. The pin measures 17mm x 11mm. The 9ct pin is priced at £85 as shown with a 'biker style' (for leathers) secure screw and brass wheel fastener', or £95 with a 9ct gold pin and screw pin lock fastener and allen key (for blazers etc). Silver pins are £34.99 and £39.99 respectively.

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      Knuckle Duster Pendant - Sterling Silver

      My 'Sterling Silver Knuckle Duster Pendant' is Birmingham Hallmarked, and measures 53mm x 28mm. Each pendant comes with a 'BB' 'BikerBling' bale, which attaches the pendant to your chain, giving a total weight of approximately 16 grams with my large 'BB - 'BikerBling' Bale. The bale comes in two sizes, the large bale will easily accept an 11mm curb chain, the smaller bale of the same design will accept an 8mm curb chain. The 'BB' bale in this photo is the small bale, to view the larger bale, please see my 9ct Gold Knuckle Duster Pendant photograph.

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      Knuckle Duster Ring - Sterling Silver.

      This is a Sterling Silver, Birmingham Hallmarked ring. Whilst I realise that I am not the first jeweller to make a ring of this style, mine are smooth at the back, and not hollowed to save weight. This means that there is much more silver in contact with your finger, so that your finger is more protected from sudden impacts! A ring in UK size 'Z' weighs 15grams.

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      Mini Spoons - Sterling Silver - Various

      Sterling Silver 'Mini Spoons'. The spoons are hallmarked by the Birmingham Assay Office for Sterling Silver on the underside. Each spoon weighs 9.5g and is 7 cm or 2.75" long. It is available with hollow blackened eyes (oxidised) or with precious stones set in the eye sockets. Silver Spoon with blackened eyes - £47.99. Silver Spoon with real black sapphires - £57.99. Silver Spoon with real rubies - £62.99.

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      Tattoo Machine Pendant - Sterling Silver.

      My 'Sterling Silver Tattoo Machine Pendant' is Birmingham Hallmarked, and measures 62mm and weighs approximately 9 grams with my small 'BB' - 'BikerBling' Bale. The Pendant and Large Bale measues 67mm in length, and weighs approximately 10.5g. The bale comes in two sizes, the large bale will easily accept an 11mm curb chain, the smaller bale of the same design will accept an 8mm curb chain. This Pendant is also available in 9ct Gold. The 'BB' Bale fitted to the pendant in this photograph is the small bale, the larger bale is shown to the side.