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'22' Ring - Sterling Silver.

This is a very heavy, large ring. The diamond shape measures 20mm x 16.4mm, and the ring, in size 'X', weighs 36 grams, which is as I'm sure you realise a very substantial ring! Absolutely knockout! '22' is alphanumeric for the letter 'V'. The second image shows the Birmingham Assay Office Hallmark, and also the shape of the shank inside. 'BikerBling' makes solid heavy Biker Rings, this protects the finger against cuts and breaks if subjected to sudden impacts!! *THESE RINGS ARE TO ORDER ONLY AND MAY NOT BE IN STOCK! PLEASE ALLOW UP TO FOUR WEEKS FOR DELIVERY* I will notify you on receipt of your order if I have your size in stock. Any questions, please contact me via this website, thanks!

£134.99 — £139.99

’22′ Ring – Sterling Silver.